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Gabby Barrett & Cade Foehner Wish Daughter Baylah a Happy 1st Birthday

Gabby Barrett & Cade Foehner Wish Daughter Baylah a Happy 1st Birthday

Happy 1st Birthday, Baylah May Virginia Foehner! She was born on this day on January 18, 2021.

Gabby Barrett and her husband Cade Foehner share beautiful birthday wishes for their daughter Baylah on her first birthday.

Happy 1st birthday to my heart. My precious little girl. My daughter. It’s not possible to explain in words the love a mother has for her child. But being a parent, has made me appreciate my mother and father a whole lot more for what they did for my siblings and I. I will defend and protect you always. My number one goal in this life does not have to do with singing/entertaining, but raising a God fearing Christian, who loves Christ more than her mom and dad could ever. Praise God for you my love, and for motherhood.

Mama & Dada love you always.

Gabby Barrett

Happy birthday to my sweet tooty, pooty, pumpkin pie, darlin’, baby, lovey, cutie. You sure make me a proud Daddy, munchkin. One of my favorite things is watching you play with your baby doll trying to imitate mommy. It is Incredible to see your mothering qualities budding out even now. You will be a great mother some day. You have a great one to teach you. When I try to type words about you I cannot help but think of God’s graciousness to provide me a heritage. I am grateful for you my daughter. May Christ grant you great fruitfulness for the Glory of His name.

All my love and all my life,

Cade Foehner
Happy 1st Birthday, Baylah May Virginia Foehner