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Carrie Underwood Gives Pregnancy Advice To Gabby Barrett

Carrie Underwood Gives Pregnancy Advice To Gabby Barrett

Gabby Barrett spoke with CMT’s Cody Alan and discussed first-time mom tips from Carrie Underwood and what it’s like singing during her pregnancy. Read the interview below!

Carrie Underwood has learned some valuable lessons when juggling the demands that come with being a successful superstar and an awesome mom. Now, that superstar mom is happy to share her tricks with Gabby Barrett.

In a recent interview, Gabby told Cody Alan that she is thankful for Carrie’s friendship and grateful to be on the receiving end of these pro-tips.

“She’s been very sweet with texting me,” says the soon-to-be mom. “She actually text me when I announced that I was pregnant and said, “If you ever need “mom advice,” let me know because I am totally here.” And I was like, “Absolutely. I will take you up on that.”

“I probably annoyed her because I sent her a long list of questions,” laughs Gabby. “She was nice enough to answer them all back, and she has given me some good advice. It’s extremely helpful because coming from someone like her.”

“How difficult is it to sing on stage while being pregnant?” Cody asked.

“It’s very difficult. It’s very, very difficult. I haven’t been able to ask Carrie about that, but it is quite difficult for me,” revealed Gabby. “I have asthma on top of that. But, as the baby grows, it pushes everything upward, including all of your organs and your diaphragm, which is where you breathe from. Everything gets crushed.”

“I’m glad that people still like the performances and I am not completely out of breath just hunched over,” laughs the singer.

Gabby and her husband Cade Foehner are expecting their bundle of joy in early 2021.